Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fashion Faux Pas No One Will Tell You About

Have you ever made a hasty judgement of someone and then discovered later that you were wrong? How many times a week do people meet you and make wrong assumptions about you? Most of the time, we reflect on the outside what is going on in the inside. Our appearance is chock-full of information for those around us. Research tells us that in seconds, people have made assumptions about your economic status, education level, health, social status and believability. We all know that body language can sabotage your message but are you aware that your appearance can do the same thing?

1. Showing your underwear at the waist when you bend over. Either your underpants are too high or your top is too short. Match the height of your pants to the undergarment for best results.

2. Having your slip show in the slit of a skirt while you are walking. Do you really need that slip? If so make sure you customize the slip or wear one that comes above the top of the slit.

3. Wearing reinforced-toe stockings with open - toed shoes. Open toed shoes look much better with no stockings but if you must then choose sheer to waist hoisery.

4. Visable panty line under clothing No excuse these days between thongs and power panties you never need to have a line. Also, your pants, skirt or dress may be hugging instead of skimming your backside. Wear a size up for that sophisticated “drape” effect.

5. Bra strap showing…. They tried to make this a fashion trend but it always looks cheap.
Get a strapless that feels comfortable and gives you a good silouette.

6. Body odor, too much perfume or bad breath. This is something that few people can really judge for themselves. If you are bathing daily and using deodorant you should be OK. If not talk to your doctor. Too much perfume is offensive too. Since we all have personal preferences for scents, avoid perfume or colognes for work and just go with clean. Just bushing your teeth will not get rid of bad breath. You may need to be more conscious of flossing. Your gums may be inflamed causing discomfort and odor. If this is the case, mouthwash, breath strips and mints will mask the problem without really solving the problem.

7. Too much fake tan. Fake tan is great if used modestly for creating a touch of color to tone down that chalky, winter white skin. But don’t get sucked into the thinking, ”if a little is good, a lot is better” mentality. Too much “fake tan” only looks orangey and contrived. It is much better to be lily white than having people do double takes wondering what you were thinking.

8. Lips that look “drawn on”. Yes, I know lip liners are great when you have lines around your mouth, but please match your lip color to your liner. It is true that our lips fade in color as we age, but don’t overcompensate by going really bright or dark with a hard line around your mouth. A youthful mouth is slightly deeper in color than the skin. Gloss is fine but frosted or iridescence products are aging.

9. Peg-leg pants are only flattering on emaciated runway models. Narrow at the ankles only make your hips look wider. Go with slightly flared.

10. Clothing that is too tight exposing rolls in your torso. Unsightly bulges can be disguised in a jiffy simply by wearing a non-stretchy silk-like cami under tops.
Also, pick styles and sizes that drape (hang without conforming to the body) instead of stretchy, body hugging blouses.