Friday, October 12, 2007

Do you love your glasses?

I have never actually enjoyed wearing glasses, until recently that is. Discovering frames that I LOVE has made all the difference.
I now look at glasses as another wardrobe accessory. If you wear glasses most of the time then think of them as part of your image. The style frame you choose can make you look dated or current, boring or memorable. Sometimes you may want the glasses to disappear (frame-less), while other times you may want them to be a fun accessory. Having a non-glare coating is also important. This coating minimizes light reflection on the glass and gives the appearance of making the glass less noticeable. Glasses with this coating always look more attractive and is highly recommended for photo or video shoots.
Shop around for the best pricing. Frames alone cost between $60-$500. Once you add in bifocals and non-glare you have added even more. Think of this purchase as an investment, after-all, this is your face.

What do your glasses say about you?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Could you have rosacea?

A male sports personality was in the studio today and I noticed that his skin was much pinker than usual. I then asked him if he had skiped using his medication for his rosacea. his comment was, "What rosacea?" I am not a doctor, but having seen hundreds of people with rosacea I am pretty certain when it shows up.
Turns out, at 40 something, he had never been to a dermatologist and had no idea why his skn was so pink.
Rosacea can be controlled with medication and reduced with certain lasers. Intervention is key to slowing its progress.
He promised to get it checked out ASAP.

Going to the dermatologist is a good idea for several reasns: to get rid of skin tags, broken capillaries, whiteheads;
a skin cancer check up, and to learn about the latest in non-invasive anti-aging procedures.

I will be at my Dermatologists office: Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center, 8401 Connecticut Ave,
Oct 18th, 6:30-8 to discuss my up-coming e-book,
"The credibility Factor: The Smart Woman's Guide To Creating a More Powerful Image"
Please bring a friend and stop by with all your skin care questions.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

You can buy shoes that are both stylish and comfortable

It's true! You can have style and comfort for your wonderful feet. Never compromise comfort for style. Make it a priority to keep those tootsie's happy. First, take a look at the shoes displayed in the shoe department. You will notice that this season they are showing a wide range of toe shapes and heels. Unfortunately there are far too many with three inch heels. Don't be tempted into purchasing these puppies if you know they are not perfect for you. They are tough on your feet and your back. There are plenty of fabulous shoes with two inch or under heels. This year you will find round and square toe shoes in many cute styles. Pick what works best for your feet.

If you want to wear pointy toe shoes, you may have to buy them a little larger to give your foot more room. I buy shoes a little larger and slip in a foam pad to give me some extra cushioning. Take the foam pads with you when you go shoe shopping and wear the same knee highs, socks or tights to try on the shoes that you will be using when the shoes will be worn. Pick shoes that have a heel height that is reasonable for you to walk or stand in for the amount of time you plan on wearing the shoes. Be realistic. I rate my shoes according to hours that I can tolerate them on my feet.

Take your time, walk around for a 5-10 minutes in the shoes if you think this you found what you want. If there is any sign of discomfort-do not buy the shoes!
Before you even try on a shoe, pick up the shoe and see if it easily bends. Shoes that do not bend are not an ideal choice for comfort.
Consider buying your shoes from a reputable retailer such as Nordstroms, who will take back a pair of shoes that just plain hurt.
Enjoy the hunt! The right pair of shoes really finishes an ensemble and help you move through your day with confidence, comfort and style.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Learn the secrets of television stylists

In addition to working on commercials, feature films and a variety of television shows, I am also the makeup artist for a weekday show called, Washington Post Live. it's a sports talk show which airs on comcastsportsnet.
We have quite an array of daily guests including sports writers, players coaches, agents and managers of every sport that you can imagine. Once in a while we even get a woman on the show. I always get the same request: "Tell me what you are doing so I will learn how to do it myself." So many women tell me that they do not enjoy going to the cosmetic counters for advice. They feel intimidated by the heavily painted faces and the youth of the sales personnel (to say nothing of being on display for the world to see).
That's one reason I decided to make an instructional DVD about makeup products and techniques. We all need an objective person helping us find products that really work and an unbiased opinion.
If you would like to know what the difference is between liquid and powder foundation, or how to makeup your eyes or whether you should use cream, powder or cheek stain blush, then you will want to get my DVD: Secrets of Hair and Makeup.
I'll show you my picks of the best products, makeup brushes and hairstyling techniques and "before and afters".
Now you can have instruction in the privacy of your own home. Get some girlfriends together and have some fun!