Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting Rid of Stray Hairs

Please get a magnifying mirror! Today on the set, a 50ish client who was about to go on national television, sat down in my chair to have her makeup done. She was attractive and polished and needed very little makeup but she had this long black hair growing out of her chin! I didn’t want to embarrass her but I couldn’t let her go on TV with that hair. I asked her if she used a magnifying mirror and good light to apply her makeup each morning. Her answer was obviously, “No”. I held up a mirror and showed her the hair. Much to my surprise she said, “Well just what do I do about that?”
This was her first “wild- woman hair” and she wanted to know if she should wax it, pluck it, laser it, or shave it.
Answer: If you have just a few and you have bright light AND a magnifying mirror, just pluck it. But if you can’t change your lighting and don’t plan on buying a magnifying mirror, you should march right in to have those babies lasered. It usually takes a few visits to get permanent results but you will never be caught in public with the horror of THE HAIR making you look like a fool.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Fashion Trends

Fashion trends from the runways of Paris and Milan scream at me to take a peek. Even the Wall street Journal can’t resist commenting. I scan the designs wondering what the trickle down will be. I am dismayed at the thought of thirty something men dictating what I will be wearing. “Corsets and Skinny pants are not going on this body” I think as I take another look. Just where do all these people wear all their silk and cashmere? Can practicality ever be part of haute couture?