Tuesday, December 18, 2007

free teleclass today!

Suzanne Falter-Barnes is a marketing and branding genius! Her site has provided me with new ideas, do's and don'ts, and concrete info on how to get the word out about my business. She offers free teleclasses from time to time with various experts.
Today I will be doing a teleclass with her helping all those who want a more memorable and influential image. Please join us.
Go to :www.getknownnow.com to sign up fro the free class which will be at 1:00 today.
P.S. I highly recommend her ebook, Get Known Now

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Are you wondering what to wear to all the holiday events?

Holiday festivities are in full swing and the phone calls and emails I am receiving are all sounding the alarm! One client can't fit into her favorite holiday standby. Another client wants to avoid wearing red and needs some suggestions and yet another client wants to know what to wear to look taller and thinner.
OK, Here goes....
If you tried on your favorite holiday outfit and it feels a little too tight: run, don't walk to the nearest mall and get some power panties. Spanx are my favorite but most brands will take you down a size. If this doesn't do the job then it may be time for a new
If you do not want to wear red but you want something with a little pizzaz,wear any color with a some sparkle. This will glam up your outfit giving you some holiday glitz.
Want to look taller and thinner? Wear heels, the highest you can stand. V-necks are always more slimming than hight necklines and if you wear a jacket, make sure it tapers in at the waist and avoid boxy sweaters at all cost.
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Help, my face is sagging!

Is you face sagging? What should you do?” Its not surprising most women are confused given the amount of advertising we are bombarded with daily on how to look younger. So what’s the first step to tightening up you skin? Is it Retin-A or a moisturizer? Laser treatments? A facelift?
All of these things will work to varying degrees. Your best bet is to find a dermatologist who is experienced with non-invasive anti-aging techniques. Your dermatologist can determine how best to proceed given the condition of your skin and your health, genetics, and lifestyle. The best bang for the buck seems to be the Frational laser. These treatments stimulate the skin to produce more collagen, literally plumping up the lines on your face. You will see results from the first treatment but a set of three treatments over a 4-6 month period will give you the best results. Down time? You may be slightly pink for a few days or a week, a big change from laser treatments of days gone by. Many of my clients have had these treatments to “even out” skin coloration, improve acne scars but mostly to soften and reduce wrinkles. Costs vary, but expect to pay around $500 for 1/2 face.
My recommendation in the Washington DC area is The Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center in Chevy Chase Maryland.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sweater jackets are all the rage!

Some are cropped, some are long and sleek, and some are big and slouchy. Everywhere you look you will see various versions of the “new” cardigan sweater. Whether you like cropped sweater jackets or the long sweater coats cinched with an accent belt, be sure to look at yourself in a 3-way mirror before taking one home. This year’s fashion item is definitely not for everyone. If you have a few extra pounds around your hips, you might want to pass this one by. Not only do they add bulk, but they can also look frumpy on a curvy body. Don’t think for a minute that this is an appropriate alternative to the power jacket. This casual style only looks great on a Skinny Minnie. Remember, dress for what looks great on you, not what the trends dictate!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Toot, toot, tootsie don't cry!

After all these years of being told that wearing heels are bad for your back and knees, now doctors are saying that low heels are preferable to flats. It’s important to have the right fit with enough cushion and enough room for your foot. As we age, we lose the cushioning on the bottom of the foot making the foot more sensitive. One doctor has even developed a shoe that converts from a high heel to a low heel in 2 seconds. You feet are working hard for you everyday so be sure to take care of them with moisturizers and callous removal. Also be sure to exercise the muscles in your foot by picking up a pencil or some marbles with your toes.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Do you love your glasses?

I have never actually enjoyed wearing glasses, until recently that is. Discovering frames that I LOVE has made all the difference.
I now look at glasses as another wardrobe accessory. If you wear glasses most of the time then think of them as part of your image. The style frame you choose can make you look dated or current, boring or memorable. Sometimes you may want the glasses to disappear (frame-less), while other times you may want them to be a fun accessory. Having a non-glare coating is also important. This coating minimizes light reflection on the glass and gives the appearance of making the glass less noticeable. Glasses with this coating always look more attractive and is highly recommended for photo or video shoots.
Shop around for the best pricing. Frames alone cost between $60-$500. Once you add in bifocals and non-glare you have added even more. Think of this purchase as an investment, after-all, this is your face.

What do your glasses say about you?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Could you have rosacea?

A male sports personality was in the studio today and I noticed that his skin was much pinker than usual. I then asked him if he had skiped using his medication for his rosacea. his comment was, "What rosacea?" I am not a doctor, but having seen hundreds of people with rosacea I am pretty certain when it shows up.
Turns out, at 40 something, he had never been to a dermatologist and had no idea why his skn was so pink.
Rosacea can be controlled with medication and reduced with certain lasers. Intervention is key to slowing its progress.
He promised to get it checked out ASAP.

Going to the dermatologist is a good idea for several reasns: to get rid of skin tags, broken capillaries, whiteheads;
a skin cancer check up, and to learn about the latest in non-invasive anti-aging procedures.

I will be at my Dermatologists office: Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center, 8401 Connecticut Ave,
Oct 18th, 6:30-8 to discuss my up-coming e-book,
"The credibility Factor: The Smart Woman's Guide To Creating a More Powerful Image"
Please bring a friend and stop by with all your skin care questions.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

You can buy shoes that are both stylish and comfortable

It's true! You can have style and comfort for your wonderful feet. Never compromise comfort for style. Make it a priority to keep those tootsie's happy. First, take a look at the shoes displayed in the shoe department. You will notice that this season they are showing a wide range of toe shapes and heels. Unfortunately there are far too many with three inch heels. Don't be tempted into purchasing these puppies if you know they are not perfect for you. They are tough on your feet and your back. There are plenty of fabulous shoes with two inch or under heels. This year you will find round and square toe shoes in many cute styles. Pick what works best for your feet.

If you want to wear pointy toe shoes, you may have to buy them a little larger to give your foot more room. I buy shoes a little larger and slip in a foam pad to give me some extra cushioning. Take the foam pads with you when you go shoe shopping and wear the same knee highs, socks or tights to try on the shoes that you will be using when the shoes will be worn. Pick shoes that have a heel height that is reasonable for you to walk or stand in for the amount of time you plan on wearing the shoes. Be realistic. I rate my shoes according to hours that I can tolerate them on my feet.

Take your time, walk around for a 5-10 minutes in the shoes if you think this you found what you want. If there is any sign of discomfort-do not buy the shoes!
Before you even try on a shoe, pick up the shoe and see if it easily bends. Shoes that do not bend are not an ideal choice for comfort.
Consider buying your shoes from a reputable retailer such as Nordstroms, who will take back a pair of shoes that just plain hurt.
Enjoy the hunt! The right pair of shoes really finishes an ensemble and help you move through your day with confidence, comfort and style.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Learn the secrets of television stylists

In addition to working on commercials, feature films and a variety of television shows, I am also the makeup artist for a weekday show called, Washington Post Live. it's a sports talk show which airs on comcastsportsnet.
We have quite an array of daily guests including sports writers, players coaches, agents and managers of every sport that you can imagine. Once in a while we even get a woman on the show. I always get the same request: "Tell me what you are doing so I will learn how to do it myself." So many women tell me that they do not enjoy going to the cosmetic counters for advice. They feel intimidated by the heavily painted faces and the youth of the sales personnel (to say nothing of being on display for the world to see).
That's one reason I decided to make an instructional DVD about makeup products and techniques. We all need an objective person helping us find products that really work and an unbiased opinion.
If you would like to know what the difference is between liquid and powder foundation, or how to makeup your eyes or whether you should use cream, powder or cheek stain blush, then you will want to get my DVD: Secrets of Hair and Makeup.
I'll show you my picks of the best products, makeup brushes and hairstyling techniques and "before and afters".
Now you can have instruction in the privacy of your own home. Get some girlfriends together and have some fun!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hope for women size 10 and beyond

I went to see Tim Gunn speak at the Corcoran School of Art a few days ago. I assumed he was going to be staid and pompous.
I was pleasently surprised that he was not only modest and self depricating, but also shared his great sense of humor.
Now that he has a makeover style show and Project Runway and works for Liz Claiborne, his take on fashion is more realistic and practical then when he was a dean at Parsons School of Design.
There is now hope that, with Tim's influence, we may have a company that will develope clothing flattering for women size 10 and beyond.

With 42million women over 40 wouldn't you think someone would realize that this is a market segment that needs help?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Women say the worst things about the image they see in the mirror

“Sticks and stones can hurt my bones but words can never hurt me”

How bogus is that? As a child I believed this, but as I grew up I realized how untrue that little ditty really is. Words have power. Power to wound, power to inspire, power to pass on wisdom, power to proclaim the truth.

The words that those we love and respect speak carry tremendous power, but none have the impact on our psyche as much as our own “inner speak”. The words we say, moment to moment to ourselves, will strongly influence our fears, actions and attitudes but also how we view ourselves. If your inner voice is constantly telling you that you are old, fat or unattractive, then that becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy. Until you understand that becoming more beautiful is less about the lipstick you choose and more about feeling good about who you see in the mirror; then you will never be satisfied with who you see staring back at you.
The truth is: if you change your inner speak, you change your life.

That is the power of words.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What is the most important item in your makeup bag?

My concealer is definitely the most important item in my makeup bag. Yes, I do need blush and mascara, but nothing makes more of an impact as the use of my concealer.

With the swipe of the brush I can wipe out dark circles, a sun- spot or two and a blemish on my chin. There are three tricks to finding the right concealer: consistency, coverage and color. I want a concealer that doesn’t settle into the fine lines yet one that has enough opaqueness to “conceal” what I am trying to camouflage.

When purchasing a concealer avoid products with light- reflecting qualities if you also plan to use it to hide anything other than dark circles. Light reflecting properties are great for under eyes but there is no point in drawing attention to blemishes, broken capillaries or redness you are trying to cover.
Color is also important. The shade you choose should be slightly lighter than the skin tone on your face.

My beloved concealer is so critical to me that I keep one at home, one in my purse and I even stash a spare. I’ve spent a small fortune trying dozens of concealers so now I’m hoping they never discontinue the one that finally works perfectly for me.
There are lots of good products to choose from. Some of my favorites are from Lancome, Origin, Neutrogena and Glo Minerals. I use Glo Mineral (color: golden).

My advice: when you find the one you really like, buy three!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Are manicures a "must"?

I get this question often. Absolutely not, but clean, evenly filed nails are a must. If you do not have the time or money, take the time to clean and shape your nails.
Here are some rules of thumb (excuse the pun):

All the nails should be the same length. If a nail breaks off, shorten all the nails to create continuity.
Never wear chipped polish
Always apply polish even if it is just a clear topcoat.
Avoid loud colors or frosted shades, designs and paintings on nails
Consider a french manicure so that your nail color will not conflict with your ensembles

if you do not like the look of a french manicure, consider an American manicure which is similar but less stark and more natural in appearance.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

5 Reasons women slip into frumpdom

1. I have children- It is easy to rationalize wearing loose-fitting, washable clothing when you are raising kids. Sticky fingers and mud pies are part of the package. Instead of athletic wear, get some washable trousers and tops that can be dressed up or down. No need to wear jewelry when you are playing with the kids, but comfortable, fashionable shoes and well tended hair and makeup suddenly take that casual “play” outfit and to a more polished appearance.

2. It is too late, I am too old- Nonsense! I have clients in their 70’s and 80’s.
Never give up. It is never too late to revamp your image. Need help? Email me, I will make sure you get to where you want to go when it comes to image.

3. I don’t know how to do anything else- We all get stuck in rut sometimes and need an objective person to pull us out! I can help you look current and fashionable without “crossing the line.” No one wants to look foolish. Don’t worry frumpdom isn’t about age, it’s a state of mind. If you are realy stuck, email me. We can set up an appointment with Skype and get you back on track.

4. It doesn’t matter- Of course it matters! If you are constantly interrupted by others or not being taken seriously or if you feel “all washed up” then it matters.
It matters that you like what you see in the mirror each day and it matters how the world perceives you. I don’t know about you, but I want to be seen as a vibrant, capable woman who is aging gracefully.

5. I don’t have time- Few of us have time, we must make time and take time.
Give up an hour of sleep (or go to bed earlier) so you can walk or exercise each morning. Add 5 minutes more to your daily routine so you can apply makeup and style your hair. If I can work 10 hour days and make time to exercise, dress up, and cook dinner each night, so can you! Carpe Diem!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Six ways to look younger instantly!

Today on the set, one of the actresses asked me how she could “instantly” look younger.
Instantly being the key word. Since I have spent most of my life making people look younger, taller and thinner, this was right up my alley.

1. Show some skin- Long skirts and turtlenecks can add pounds and look matronly on women over 40. Wear v-necks and 3/4 length sleeves and you will instantly look younger.

2. Color your hair- Some people look great in silver hair but keep in mind that most people will look 10-15 years younger with color in their hair.

3. Get some Spanx- There is no question that we look older when we are over-weight. Power panties are not your mother’s girdle. These little babies comfortably take you down a size. Hooray!

4. Dump the frumpy shoes- Do not wear worn-out shoes in public. Find shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. It can be done! Email me for specifics.

5. Conceal those dark circles- Makeup is incredibly helpful in softening the signs of aging: uneven skin tone, dark circles, fading eye and lip color and thinning eyelashes and eyebrows. Which concealer is my personal favorite? Glo Minerals (color: golden).

6. Get my DVD, “ Ten Pounds Thinner, Ten Years Younger”
I’ll show you dozens of ways to look younger and thinner.
It’s a fun way to learn because you see the results right before your eyes!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fashion week...do I care?

I love the act of dressing each morning. I see it as an opportunity to tell the world what I have to offer. I always consider style, drape and color when choosing what goes on my body, but in the end, clothing for me is primarily functional. The goal is to get my message across while feeling attractive and comfortable. Then fashion week comes along. Fashion week has always intrigued and frustrated me. I am fascinated by the idea that some think of clothing as an ART form. Clothing designs are stitched into ensembles that rarely resemble anything that a less than 6 foot, 110lb. women would consider wearing. Let's face it, it's a challenge to make these women look bad in anything. Soon we will see the trickle down of these designs in our very own stores and we will go shopping and say, once again, "I just can't find something that really looks good on me."

I resent the fact that what I am wearing is decided by people who seem to have forgotten average sized women. When are we going to turn the tables and let the designers know what we want? We need to give the designers and the buyers a reality check. Our collective voices can now be heard by emailing designers, manufacturers and retail stores. Let them know that we want clothing flattering to women with less than perfect bodies. We want colors that flatter our skin tones. We want stylish casual wear as well as powerful designs that scream crediblity for business-wear.

Fashion week do I care? Yes, in the end I do.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Why settle? Go for comfort and style!

For those of us who want to look vibrant and memorable, without breaking the bank. We crave items that combine comfort and style. The huge success of Chico’s is a call to action by women who want upscale, casual attire with individuality and comfort.
The artistic looks are fun and the textures are luscious.

But, where are the choices for women who want a fitted look opposed to the short boxy jackets at Chico’s? Where are the pieces for women that are long-waisted? What about those who want to camouflage their expanding girth?
Where are the business suits or separates that have texture, colors and fabrics that separate them from their boring counterparts?
Wake up designers! We need something besides art and boring functionality.
Repeat after me:
“I will no longer stand for looking mediocre. I want my clothing, hairstyle and makeup to be current and fresh, but complimentary on me.”

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Do you need to rethink your image?

I usually get the call right about the time a woman hits 50. They call me desperate for help - frustrated with how they look with those extra few pounds, the emerging gray hairs or the new found changes in her slightly aging face. Just when they had “ageing gracefully” down pat, along comes a reunion, Bar Mitzvah or an insensitive comment by a friend which sends them into a private pity party about their appearance. Some are terrified of “getting old” while others feel hopeless and sad about the encroaching sand of time, knocking on their door. Suddenly they notice they have stained teeth, poor eyesight, thinning, graying hair and a little extra thickness around the middle.

It’s no wonder women are sometimes overwhelmed with all the changes of moving into midlife.

After working as a stylist for more than 25 years, I can help you take 3 steps to make this moment easier:

1. Get a gynecologist that is experienced with menopausal women. This is going to help you with all the physical issues that make this time of life challenging.

2. Get moving. Dance, walk, swim…do anything to get moving. Your youthfulness and longevity are more affected by this than anything else you can do. Not only will you get those extra pounds off your waist, you will feel so much better, too. Never underestimate all the benefits of making your body move. At a minimum you will just be happier. Just remember the old adage: use it or lose it.

3. Reassess and update your appearance.
What is driving your look? Is it comfort, style, credibility, or are you in a rut and just grab whatever is clean? Women tell me they begin to feel invisible as they age and that’s not surprising. As we age we lose pigment in our lips, iris and hair color. Skin tone and hair texture changes. What worked for us at 30 no longer looks right anymore. We sometimes focus on comfort at the expense of style. No one wants to be thought of as old and washed up. So why do so many women send that exact message? Time to update your hairstyle, reassess your wardrobe and lose a few pounds. Need help? Check out my DVD series on Amazon.com or order from kimfoleystyle.com

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Clothing buyers need to know their demographics

While shopping for an outfit for an afternoon wedding I became painfully aware that the majority of styles available would only look good on someone under size 6. Common sense tells you that fullness adds volume. I do not need or want volume. I want slimming, I want optical illusions, and I want something that actually flatters my curvy body! Just who was it that decided that gathered skirts and babydoll dresses are what women get to wear this year? Don’t the designers know that the average size of women in this country is size 14? It is time that the manufactures take note that those of us over size 6 want the option to dress with power and credibility for work and look current, hip and sometimes even sexy for evenings.
Lets face it, most styles this year look flattering on young, slim 20 somethings. But if you’ve got a few extra pounds or you are over 35 you are out of luck.
Buyers take note: We want flattering lines that flatter our not-so-perfect shape.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Five Ways To Jump-Start Your Journey Back To Fabulous

There is a whole generation of women who want to look great and don’t know where to start. Some need an update, some a total revamp and some just need a few tips and inspiration.
Where do you turn? Who can you trust when everyone wants to sell you their products. Women are tired of buying hope, they want results. Well I’m here to help! I‘ve got the facts on how you can look beautiful everyday when you look in the mirror.
Keeping in mind that there are always exceptions to every rule. Here are a few basic facts that, like them or not, may help you to get started thinking about changes to consider.

1. Grey or silver hair looks great on certain women, but there is no question that it adds 10-15 years to your perceived age.

2. Miniskirts, belly shirts, and super low-rise pants are no-no’s after 40, even if you are in great shape. Why? Because they make you look like you are trying too hard to be 25 again. Wear great fitting clothes that are age-appropriate, stylish, flattering—and won’t send the wrong message.

3. Mousey hair with no style doesn’t look good on any woman. Consider getting a great cut that’s easy for you to style so you will look great everyday.

4. Being overweight makes you look older than you are. If you combine a getting-in-shape program with changes in your hair, makeup, and wardrobe, you will maximize the results of both efforts. You will also amaze yourself, as well as everyone around you, with your new, revitalized look.

5. Shoes are very important both to how you feel and to your overall look. You don’t have to wear frumpy shoes to be comfortable!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eyebrow Shapes

Evil women throughout history have always been portrayed with severe and often highly arched eyebrows. Just look at the 3 top women nominated for the Oscar this year. They all played vicious or unlikable characters whose temperament and attitude was partly created by their eyebrow shape. Eyebrows are odd. For little groupings of hair above our eyes they sure do evoke a lot of assumptions. Mean, angry, surprised or sad, and relaxed. These are just some of the feelings that are evoked when we see the oh so expressive eyebrows.
What do your eyebrows tell the world about you?

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Pedicure Tip

I heard on the radio today that you are not supposed to have your cuticles pushed back on your toes when you get a pedicure. Evidently the skin on the toenails keeps bacteria from invading the skin around the toe. This dark moist area is prone to fungus and inflammation. Great…One more thing to worry about. My pedicurist argued with me when I asked her not to push back the cuticles. I explained, with a smile, that she could clean, scrub, shape, buff and polish, but absolutely no pushing those cuticles around. I feel empowered now that I have been an advocate for my happy feet!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting Rid of Stray Hairs

Please get a magnifying mirror! Today on the set, a 50ish client who was about to go on national television, sat down in my chair to have her makeup done. She was attractive and polished and needed very little makeup but she had this long black hair growing out of her chin! I didn’t want to embarrass her but I couldn’t let her go on TV with that hair. I asked her if she used a magnifying mirror and good light to apply her makeup each morning. Her answer was obviously, “No”. I held up a mirror and showed her the hair. Much to my surprise she said, “Well just what do I do about that?”
This was her first “wild- woman hair” and she wanted to know if she should wax it, pluck it, laser it, or shave it.
Answer: If you have just a few and you have bright light AND a magnifying mirror, just pluck it. But if you can’t change your lighting and don’t plan on buying a magnifying mirror, you should march right in to have those babies lasered. It usually takes a few visits to get permanent results but you will never be caught in public with the horror of THE HAIR making you look like a fool.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Fashion Trends

Fashion trends from the runways of Paris and Milan scream at me to take a peek. Even the Wall street Journal can’t resist commenting. I scan the designs wondering what the trickle down will be. I am dismayed at the thought of thirty something men dictating what I will be wearing. “Corsets and Skinny pants are not going on this body” I think as I take another look. Just where do all these people wear all their silk and cashmere? Can practicality ever be part of haute couture?