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Friday, June 19, 2009

Women in France and italy

During a recent trip abroad I was looking forward to exploring the difference between Italian women and French woman's fashion choices. I was particularly interested in women 40 and older. It was June and in both countries the women chose muted tones but did not shy away from white. In past trips during the winter I have noticed a prevalence of black. The most obvious differences were that french women still wore scarves and the Italian women wore more jewelry especially gold. Both countries had women who were beautifully fit, coiffed and brown. I admired their preference for linens and silk and I was shocked at how many business women I saw beautifully dressed driving scooters.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Great Weekend Escape!

Last weekend I escaped to the mountains in Pennsylvania to pamper myself. My girlfriend and I prefer different activities than our husbands, so off we went to indulge ourselves in 24 hours of pure bliss.

We drove to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort which is about 3 hours northwest of Washington. As we climbed into the mountains there were farms covered in snow and we really felt like we were entering a winter wonderland. Arriving just in time for our "Stone" Massage, we slipped into our plush robes and slippers and entered the waiting area. This soothing room was quiet, had tea, cucumber or lemon water, and comfy chairs. It was bathed in sunlight and lots of women, of different ages , sizes and shapes all anticipating their chosen treatment. When my name was called, I followed my masseuse down a corridor to my cozy room. With relaxing music and those experienced hands kneading out all of my knots, I sunk into oblivian. The warm stones seemed to penetrate my soul. When my hours was up I reluctantly flowed to the giant indoor hot tub. With 25 feet of windows I felt like I was on top of the world. The clouds and birds entertained me as I soaked my body, languishing in my relaxed stupor.

With an appointment for an art tour and a wine tasting in the afternoon, we had to shower and dress for the fun plans that would complete the day. Timothy, our art guide
was fun and informative. With a 45 million dollar art collection to explore , we were in heaven. We were so enthralled with Timothy's stories and info that we were almost late for our wine tasting at the Académie du Vin. We sipped wine valued from $20.00 to $120.00, and loved learning all the details.

Giddy from wine, relaxed from the spa, and inspired from the art-there was nothing left to do-but eat. So we indulged in home-baked bread and fresh pasta and lobster at one of the many restaurants on the premises. The entire meal was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Rejuvenated, we drove home the next day after one more visit to the spa. I look forward to many more visits to Nemacolin...want to join me?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tips for updating your look on a budget

Here are a few ways to update and enhance your look without breaking the bank:

Ruffled blouses-white or in colors-they will add some whimsy to your look.

Belted anything- sweaters, coats, jackets, blouses – Skinny belts, fabric belts and wide belts, add a touch of “now” to your wardrobe.

*Embellished tops and bejeweled shoes- Buy them on sale or save even more money by making your own… pick up flat backed jewels at fabric or craft store and glue on with fabric glue.

*Multiple necklaces- Want the runway look of long chains draped around your neck? Mix them up or wear multiples of the same necklace. Check out the discount accessory stores.

*Lashes: curl them if they are straight-apply 2 coats of mascara. If your lashes are really short or thin consider playing with individual lashes or strip lashes. Use Duo adhesive and realize that there is a learning curve to learning how to apply the lashes. Look, It is not brain surgery, with practice you can do this!

*Lip stains and long-wear lipstick: No need to buy $30.00 Department store brands. Check out Cover Girl OUTLAST lip color at the drug or discount stores.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Worldwide Fashion tips on allexperts.com

I decided to send in my resume to allexperts.com to see if they were interested in having me as a fashion expert. I was happily accepted and I have been getting questions about fashion from all over the world. I was surprised to hear from people in the Middle East and Africa. I love brainstorming about their fashion dilemmas and feeling connected to women I will never actually meet in person. It underscores the belief that all of us want to look our best, no matter what our age or where we live.
Got a question? Email me directly or go to allexperts.com where you can rate my answer.

With the new year has come lots of new goals and opportunities. I will be speaking at The Wednesday Morning Group in Silver Spring, MD on the 21st of January and I am presenting, "Maximizing Your Power In The 21st Century" for Montgomery Women in Rockville, Md. February 11.

If you are rethinking your appearance in 2009 then take a moment and fill out the questionnaire on kimfoleystyle.com. This will help you clarify how to begin.

Stop by in a few days for my tips on how to recession proof your beauty and fashion needs for 2009.