Thursday, March 27, 2008

Frumpy To Fabulous In Seconds

I saw a woman at the mall today who apparently did not get the memo: leggings are not pants. My guess is that she came straight from the gym…not a good decision. She was slim, late thirties and she had her daughter tightly by the hand as she rushed past me. Leggings are comfortable and perfect for yoga or workouts, but denial has set in once you think that they are a substitute for trousers. On the positive side I thought how confident she must be to parade her backside around in such a very public place. Then the negative thoughts crept in: she is either clueless as to how she looks, or she just doesn’t care. All “sporty mom” had to do was slip on a thigh length tunic and trade the shoes for some cute flats and she would have gone from frumpy to fabulous in seconds.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fun Jackets and Tops at Stein Mart

Yesterday, I took a new client shopping. She wanted to update her wardrobe and get some fun colors for spring. She also wanted items that would coordinate with black pants and black skirts. Surprisingly, we found many ideal options. Whether a size 6 or 14, this is an inexpensive and fun resource for trendy additions to your closet.