Thursday, July 31, 2008


So many women ask me how to use accessories. Here are some do's and dont's that should be mentioned.
1. If in doubt, wear less-elegance is impossible if you have too much going on visually.
2.If you have a short neck or a double chin do not wear chokers or very short necklaces.
3.Avoid perfectly matching earrings and necklaces. Items should coordinate but tend to look more creative and individual if they are not a perfectly matched set.
4.Avoid chunky large necklaces if you are under 5'3" or on the thin side. Large jewelry will over-power and distract from your overall look.
5.Before purchasing inexpensive pieces, ask yourself if it looks worthy to be part of your whole ensemble.

Just some tips to help get you strated on using accessories to pop that fabulous outfit. Don't get in a rut, try some new things and see the reaction. Remember accessorese tell a story , they can be funky, sophisticated, tailored or elegant.
Have fun!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Younger looking skin fast!

Yes, it is important to moisturize , moisturize, moisturize even in the summer, but we also have to exfoliate. I have been seeing so many clients with dry, mottled skin. With summer just half over, it may be the perfect time for you to exfoliate and hydrate. Nothing looks worse on mature skin as makeup settling in the fine lines. Here are some remedies to try:
For an at home facial, try using a homemade scrub with sugar to help shed dead skin cells without drying out the skin. Massage gently and remove with a warm wash cloth. Follow with a your favorite serum or night cream. For an even more dramatic result have a micro-dermabrasion at your dermatologist's office. Either way, you will see a refreshing improvement to the surface of your skin.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I love pretty shoes, but my feet are rebelling

Lets face it, if you are dressed well but have frumpy or tired shoes it absolutely reduces the impact you were trying to achieve. After years of standing all day in high heels, my feet suddenly feel tired and worn out. Every shoe seems to hurt, and I noticed some rough calluses on the bottom of my feet. Maybe I should get a pedicure? No, that just won’t work for me. Every time I try it I can’t stand all that touching on my feet. I am apparently very ticklish. Now that it is summer and everyone is in sandals or flip flops, I started looking at everyone’s feet. I‘ve been wondering how I can keep my feet from becoming unattractive with corns, bunions and calluses and I have to learn how to keep these poor, little tootsies from hurting.
I decided to consult a podiatrist and get their opinion on prevention and foot care.
I was dreading my visit, afraid that he would hurt me, or worse, tell me I can’t wear my heels anymore. To my surprise it was a delightful experience. First he analyzed my feet and told me the reason my feet were hurting so much is because of my high arch. He suggested foot inserts (orthotics) to support my arch and take pressure of the ball of my foot. He also said I could but the over- the- counter, Super Feet brand at Nordstom’s. They make many inserts including some that are thin to wear with dress shoes.
He then removed the dead skin and buffed my heels with a sanding tool. The result is a soft pliable foot that looks and feels better. He recommended that I apply moisturizer to my feet every night before going to bed (not between the toes).
I went right out and bought New Balance sneakers for walking the dog and various arch supports for my shoes and now these feet feel good as new. I can’t believe that it took all these years to find out that people with a high arch may need some help in caring for their feet. I had only heard about people with flat feet having issues.
Now I smile instead of frown as I don my red patent leather pumps!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is your hair brassy or sassy?

Those of us who color their hair (and there are many) may need to learn the difference between the term "brassy" and "golden." It seems that as we get older many women go lighter and unfortunately many women allow their hair to have an ash tone. This is usually due to a desperate attempt to avoid going brassy. Lets clear this up once and for all. Brassy is orange, warm golden tones are just that.
Imprint this permanently in your brain: going “ash” only serves to make you look older. Warm blonds and browns look much younger and richer than the drab, ash tones that so many women are drawn to. Wonder if your color has the wrong tone? Ask a few friends that you think will tell you the truth if your hair looks drab and gray…and if you do color your hair make sure not to wait until the roots show to do your touch up. Remember, if you see gray roots in the mirror, others can see them too.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My face doesn't match my body

I have just returned from a wonderfully relaxing week at the beach and even though I use sunscreen, my body gets tan, but my face is very white. I always cover my face with sunscreen and wear a hat in the sun to have double protection for my face. This looks odd, so I tried a variety of ways to make the color look more balanced. Here are the results:
1. Self-tanning creams for the face.
Not a good resolution for me- it settles in the fine lines and it also darkens the “age spots” on my face making them more prominent.
2. Gel or stick bronzers – These products are difficult to apply evenly and sometimes grab on dry areas of skin. In addition many of these products seem to produce either a orangey color or a color that resembles mud. They also sometimes contain iridescence. I absolutely do not want little sparkles all over my face.
3. I finally found a brush –on, matte powder bronzer, by Bobbi Brown, that gives a totally natural tan look to the skin. I apply it with a large brush and can give myself just a hint a color or a deep, rich tan.
Problem solved, now I love my summer look and I didn’t have to damage my skin to get it! I love the look so much I just might use it all winter too!