Monday, June 16, 2008

Do you ever feel like you are disappearing?

I get many emails asking questions about various makeup and wardrobe issues. I received one this past week that I could personally relate to. It seems that this reader saw a recent picture of herself and her teenage daughter. She was shocked to see that she seemed to look washed-out and "faded" in the photograph. She said she felt like she was going to disappear. Then she asked her teenage daughter to come stand in the mirror with her so she could see why she looked bad in the photograph. That was when she realized that she really did look like she was disappearing. She wanted to know what she could do that was not to involved to look better.

Well, it is true that we lose pigment in our hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, iris, and lips as we get older. This is why so many women who haven't used makeup when they are younger find that they love it as they get older. The single most important technique you can do to look better is to use mascara or eyeliner or both. It needn't be dark and severe, but enough to define the eyes. My favorite mascara is KISS ME by BLINC. It will not come off under your eyes like traditional waxy mascara. I also love the gel liner by Bobbi Brown. Ask the sales associate to teach you how to apply the liner with the special brush. These two products takes seconds to apply and will stay put all day.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Labels do not tell the whole story

I was talking with someone recently about “what I do.” It became clear to me that sometimes the label of “what we do” is not always clearly reflected in our job title. I am known as a television stylist/image consultant/ makeup artist, but what I do, is make men and women look and feel better. When it comes to improving or fine-tuning image, it gets complex dealing with the nuances of each individual. There is no one right way to improve your appearance and maximize your confidence. Each day with each new client, I have the opportunity and the privilege to help individuals develop a new understanding of aesthetics. I can't wait for tomorrow - It is so exciting to watch people get excited about what they see when they look in the mirror. No matter what you call it, it is the perfect job for me.

Friday, June 6, 2008

For less than perfect skin – I use an airbrush

How would you feel if you were 17 and you were asked to speak at your graduation and your skin was red, blotchy and, shall we say, less than perfect? I got a frantic call from an old friend trying to find a quick fix for her daughter’s skin on her big day. Covering pimples and making it look natural is tricky. Lucky for her I have the perfect tool - an airbrush. A few drops of this and a little of that, and I was soon working my magic. I was able to give her flawless looking skin in minutes. When I held up the mirror for her to have a look, I saw tears well up in her eyes as she said. I didn’t know I could look this good.” WOW! I work with some of the most famous people in the world, but nothing feels as good as helping a young person see themselves as beautiful.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It is time to re-think business wear

There are two worlds of fashion:
1. Fashion for the masses that is based first in functionality and second on style
2. Fashion focused on detail, line, form otherwise known as Haute Couture. It is fabulous. It is art and it is definitely not for the masses.

Attention all designers, clothing manufacturers and retailer- we, (the masses) need better business wear! Many of my clients are seen on television. As most people know, line and drape can magically make you appear ten pounds thinner or ten pounds heavier (this is true whether you are on camera or not). Well who wants to look heavier than they are? Those of us who have a “ less than perfect” figure, crave sleek, tailored styles that help us look taller and thinner.

Color is also critical- black and navy blue are power suits, but a girl has to have some alternatives. Mid-tones, other than gray, would be spectacular. Ditch the fabrics that will not drape over our soft curves and place the pockets strategically for slimming, not for style. The discussion of form and function will never end, but detail, flair and style need not be compromised for functionality.
I am very particular when choosing the style of my jackets. The jacket is the symbol of authority and it is the one article of clothing that has the capability of creating a look of power and sophistication or diminishing you into a clueless fool. I recently worked with Condoleezza Rice and the first thing she said to me as she entered the room was, “I love your jacket.” (Bingo!)

My dream - to design a fabulous line of business wear for women using all my experience of what works and what doesn’t, to create suits that are flattering for all shapes and sizes.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Take time to assess you wardrobe, hairstyle and makeup

Clothing, hairstyle and makeup are three elements that project an overall impression about who you are. Some women develop or focus on one of these three elements and never pay attention to the other two. You have probably noticed this unfortunate trend in a friend or colleague. They spend time on their hair, but have clothing that is unflattering, or they spend time having their nails done every week but pay no attention to their hair color, or style. It is so hard to be objective with ourselves. We all do things out of habit. Take a look at your hairstyle. Is it the best style and color for you? Be bold, ask two friends you really trust to tell you honestly what they think. What about your makeup? Do you think you wear too much or too little? Ask someone you trust about your fashion and beauty dilemmas, and then listen. When picking out new glasses, try on the styles that the sales associate recommends. Usually they are right on when it comes to the best style for you.
Open your mind to some new possibilities. You don’t have to adopt a new style you are trying on, just be willing to try to see yourself differently.
You just may be surprised!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What are you going to wear to your reunion?

Summertime brings all kinds of situations that cause anxiety when it comes to choosing the right clothing. I’ve had many emails asking me what to wear to high school and college reunions. Usually reunions have casual events and one evening with dinner and dancing. The invitation will indicate if your event is casual, dressy, dressy casual, black tie or black tie optional. Geographic location also plays a part in choosing your wardrobe. You may be from the northeast where colors are more subdued and evenings are cool, but if your reunion is in Miami you should consider wearing bright colors or tropical prints and lighter weight fabrics. One of the most annoying situations is when you have a black tie event in the summer and you wear a fabulous dress but spend the whole night shivering under your husband’s dinner jacket because the air conditioning is too high.
Plan ahead – Check the web for the 5 -day weather forecast before you pack.

Know what styles flatter your shape – This is not the time to experiment with a new style. Be true to your self and dress in clothing that makes you feel good. This is the time to be confident and comfortable. If you want to try a new hairstyle or haircolor, try it out a month or two before the event.
Wear shoes that don’ t hurt your feet – Yes, I know you found the most adorable pair of shoes, but if you can not stand or dance for three hours without complaining, then those shoes stay home!

Smile - Remember, people who smile easily are always perceived as being more attractive than those who don’t.