Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do you look tired at the end of the day?

You get a call to join a group of friends for dinner after work. You take a quick look in the mirror and you look like you need a complete overhaul. Don’t worry! Here are a few tricks that will have you looking great in no time.

1.If you have mascara residue or concealer that has creased under your eyes, dab a bit of any moisturizer under your eyes and wipe gently with a soft tissue.
2 Even your skin tone with a swipe of powder foundation and then apply some blush.
3.Freshen your liner
4.Apply your favorite lip color

There you go… a two minute, fresh look for your fun night out!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Is it safe to get a manicure or pedicure?

It may be time to rethink your health when you drop in to get a manicure or pedicure. Do you really want to breath those noxious fumes for 30 minutes? I haven’t found a nail salon that has enough power in their exhaust system to completely clear the air. Another health hazard is the transference of serious illness (Hepatitis, HIV, etc.) from nail files and cuticle nippers used on infected people. Don’t want to give up your favorite treat? Here is a solution: Take your own manicure tools and ask that they be used. If they refuse, go elsewhere - your health is too important.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Do you need a concealer?

Do you have dark circles, broken capillaries or dark age spots on your face?
You should consider checking with a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon to see if laser treatment can eliminate you problem. But until then, try using a good concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone, to hide these pesky but common problems. My favorite is Glo Mineral, ,but so many companies have perfected their concealers, giving us lots to choose from. I use a dabbing techniques opposed to a wiping stroke. Tap, tap, tap to apply more or to blend. Concealer can be worn alone or under your foundation. Set with a bit of powder and your skin will look even and younger.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Are you a shlumpadinka?

I love that word, and in case you do not watch Oprah shlumpadinka means ”frumpy.”
Yes, we all feel like we look frumpy at times but just what is it that really takes us from vibrant, cool women to an over - the - hill frump? Our hairstyle, our clothing are big contributors to the frump factor but, THE MOST IMPORTANT GIVE AWAY IS: extra weight. Extra weight not only makes us look older, but it also inhibits the way we move. We are not a light on our feet, and flexible when we are not fit. In addition, our knees and feet often hurt keeping us in a catch 22 when it comes to increasing movement. Losing those extra pounds can be tricky but ever person I know who has done an organized program such as Weight Watchers, Diet To Go or Jenny Craig, have lost weight and kept it off. Once you really commit and have support, your odds greatly improve for your success. You can do it!