Monday, February 25, 2008

Looking Great for Their Fun Night Out

Awards shows are fun because we see our favorite stars in what they hope, is their best light. Glam is back! Feminine hairstyles, minimal jewelry and sophisticated dresses created some of the loveliest looks I’ve seen in years. Did you notice all the trains this year? They look so elegant but can only be worn when practicality is not an issue. If you take one step backward and you are going to take a fall.
Red (my favorite color) was a popular choice and more men than usually donned earrings. All the glitz made me wish I had someplace festive to go.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Five must have wardrobe items

I love watching other stylists on television do what we do best-radical transformations! Oprah had a great show today which was particularly good because it showed women how to create great casual ensembles without spending a fortune. Truth be told, must women do not need a radical transformation, just a few changes to really show them off in their best light. The one question I hear most is, “ What are the must haves in my wardrobe?” Of course that answer is different for each person since it depends on your lifestyle and where you live geographically, but generally speaking, the items below will serve you well.
• Great fitting black pants- I recommend 2 pair, one hemmed to wear with flats and the other to wear with heels.

• A black and a white (or cream, depending on your coloring) v-neck shell or sweater. Turtlenecks look great on those with long thin necks but most women will look much slimmer and younger in a v-neck top.

• A fabulous crisp white collared blouse. Look for one that is fitted, no- iron and not transparent.

• Classic flats in various colors and textures. These shoes do not need to cost a lot but they do need to be comfortable.

• A black dress that can be accessorized for evenings out or for business. Get a conservative black dress that fits your figure perfectly. Remember, seldom can you find a dress that will fit perfectly without a trip to the tailor.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Confidentiality and Your Personal Stylist

I had the honor of working with a presidential candidate yesterday. It is interesting to have a career where your skills are in demand but your clients’ identity must be confidential. No one running for office wants the focus to be on his or her makeup, hairstyle or wardrobe. Most people know that both men and women need makeup before a television appearance, but they never see or hear about the stylist. Most stylists follow an unspoken code of ethics: we do not draw attention to ourselves or capitalize on the coat tails of high profile individuals. We understand that the attention needs to be on the politicians and the issues of the campaign. We are there to secure an image of leadership and credibility. Our job, if we are really good at what we do, is to make wardrobe decisions, use our experience to apply makeup that keeps the candidate looking vibrant and healthy and tend to hairstyling issues. With high definition becoming the standard, television stylists now have even more challenges to ensure the candidates’ image enhance rather than detract from their message.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Make your manicure last longer

I wash my hands about a dozen times a day and it really takes a toll on my manicure. Clean, well-groomed hands are an important part of looking professional so I try all kinds of products to extend chipping time. I choose to wear a very light, natural nail color to minimize the distraction when the polish starts chipping. I have tried the $1.99 top coat, the $22 top coat and everything in between, and I can’t tell the difference in performance. The key to performance seems to be more related to how often and how you use the top coat. My technique: apply a thin coat about 4 days after the manicure and continue to add a coat every 2-3 days. With this technique you can keep the chipped polish at bay for up to 10 days. Saves money and time because now I only need a manicure every 10-14 days!

Give it a shot and let me know how this works for you.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Women in media

Have you ever noticed that the majority of women who are reporters or news anchors are usually under 35? Ageism is alive and well. Do we, as viewers, only want the young and beautiful delivering the news of the day? There are exceptions, but overall it is hard to believe that so many women flee the airwaves as they approach forty.

Today I worked with a women who is a news anchor for German television. She was in town reporting on Super Tuesday. She is over 40, fit and attractive and has no plans to retire. We discussed the fact that Europe has a different attitude about "aging women."

Instead of the frantic rush to hide all signs of aging the European women seem to age gracefully, staying fit as they embracing their wisdom, experience and even their smile lines.

Sounds like a plan. I 'm all for aging gracefully. I am also not opposed to getting a little help from science, but this trend to wipe out all signs of aging is just plain creepy.

That said, now I think I need to go slather on some anti-wrinkle cream.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Image and Credibility

News articles abound commenting on the image of each presidential candidate.
Their appearance gives us cues as to how they perceive themselves and how they want to be perceived by others.

For both men and women, the business suit is the accepted attire for the most powerful, credible and successful individuals. The jacket in particular symbolizes authority and gives the appearance of leadership and of being in command. A softer, more approachable look is chosen when the candidates want to be seen as a fellow citizen fighting to address the county’s problems.

The subliminal cues of gesture and body language coupled with overall appearance play a huge factor in the American public ‘s opinion about whom they can trust and who has the knowledge and temperament to lead our country for the next 4 years.

We are fond of telling our children that to care about appearances is superficial.
They might be better off knowing the truth from the start: fair or unfair, like it or not, we are all being judged by others all the time.

• Do you look tired and worn out, or energized and engaged?
• Do you look old-fashioned or current; giving those you meet the confidence that you are well informed?

This is powerful information. Once you are aware of the language of clothing you can make sure the messages you are sending through your appearance are ones of choice and not ignorance.

Friday, February 1, 2008

3 quick ways to become more memorable

• Sharpen up your body language. Slouching when you stand or walking with your head tilted down screams I LACK SELF ESTEEM. Not only is it better for your bones and joints to stand up straight, but you can command more authority just by changing the way you stand and how you move your body. Look people in the eye. This powerful tool tells people that you are interested in what they have to say. When you look people in the eye, you connect and it tells them you are listening and that you can be trusted. Smile! This universal gesture of acceptance is critical when meeting new acquaintances, courting new clients and it can even help with negotiations.

• Take an objective look at your image. Does your wardrobe need rethinking? Dated, stained or ill-fitting items which have served you well in the past now have to be retired. What do you need to change to really show the world how capable and professional you really are?

• Reassess your attitude? Your attitude about your yourself and your work are screaming out to the world. Do you move with a sense of urgency? Do you dress like you are running the show? Do you speak with a passion about your work? Your appearance and your actions tell the world how you really feel about yourself and your work.