Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Having fun with accessories

The right accessories can really pop an outfit. Less is always better and classic or traditional pieces are best in corporate environments. Larger, more dramatic fashion pieces are good for less conservative environments or for evening. Remember, there is a language to your accessories. Quality is the word that should come to mind when dressing for traditional or corporate workplaces. Do not wear earrings, a bracelet and necklace all at the same time. Remember scale when choosing new pieces. Have fun, be adventurous and keep your receipt in case you change your mind once you get home.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Save time in the morning...

Several people have asked me how to get dressed for work without having to think or make decisions. It seems that many women want to look great everyday but they do not want to put in a lot of effort making decisions about “what” goes with “what.” A great alternative to putting together ensembles from separates is to move toward wearing suits.
By having five or more suits, you can easily solve this problem. Couple them with different blouses, shells or sweaters and jewelry, and you can create many looks without a lot of thought.
TIP: Always plan on having your “off the rack” suit tailored. Nothing is more powerful looking than a woman in a perfectly fitted suit. Ill-fitting suits under-mind your credibility.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I just saved time and money!

Every once in a while you pop into a store expecting to find nothing but luckily find everything you need. I hit the jackpot last week when Karen, a superb sales associate, helped me consider some new looks at the Chico’s in Friendship Heights, Maryland. I was desperate to find white and beige sleeveless shells to wear under suits. I wanted them to have a scoop neck, but I did not want them to be low-cut. I had tried 7 stores with out results. Not only did I find the shells in a rainbow of colors, I also found some new jackets. Chico’s has added some fitted items that are very flattering. I have always loved the fabrics at Chico’s but hated the boxy cuts. Now I have four new items to pair with my great fitting Chico’s pants.
And just to complete the look, Karen showed me some fabulous jewelry. I saved so much time and money (many items were on sale). If you are in the DC area go see Karen at Chico’s and then TRY ON the items she suggests.

You just might be pleasantly surprised.