Monday, January 28, 2008

Are your cosmetics safe?

How sad it is that the health of millions of women could be jeopardized because of the use of some cosmetics and body products. Check out this web site where you can find articles that raise that very important question: Are my cosmetics safe?

Logic tells me that if trans-dermal absorption is a problem for humans when it comes to products we use to clean our home, then why shouldn't we be concerned about the unregulated cosmetics that we use every day? The ingredient list doesn't say "small amounts of lead or mercury" so if you are not a chemist, how would you know? I am grateful that some companies have made a financial commitment to creating formulas that work without causing potential harm. We all know that we will not die from using cosmetics, but the exposure over time has a cumulative affect that could be making you sick.

I am wondering why the billion dollar cosmetic industry has been allowed to create potentially harmful products in the first place. We should demand that testing by independent companies be done to ensure the safety of products. We need regulation if we want this to stop.

What can you do? Take action! If sales plummet, these companies will be forced to reformulate their products.

• Stop purchasing products from companies that use known irritants or carcinogens
• Write to these companies and tell them why you are no longer using their products
• Write to the women’s magazines and tell them to stop accepting advertising from these companies, cancel your subscription or stop buying the magazine
• Call and write your congressperson and ask them to mandate funding for the FDA to do testing of cosmetic and body products.

Friday, January 25, 2008

How to pick the right foundation for you

Several people have asked how to pick the right foundation. Keep the emails coming at and I will continue to answer all your style and beauty questions.
First, decide if you want a powder foundation (great for oily or combo skin), or a liquid. Also consider trying mineral foundations they come in both powder and liquid.

Picking the right brand is a matter of personal preference when it comes to texture, coverage and harmful ingredients. Now that we know thatharmful chemicals can be absorbed, you should consider reading labels and being aware of the hazards of some commonly found ingredients in popular cosmetic brands. Some brands have less pigment and are more sheer, while other brands have more pigment and offer a more opaque coverage. Look at the packaging for key words such as "sheer coverage" or "maximum coverage" for clues to the amount of pigment. I use powder foundation in the summer and liquid in the winter.

The purpose of a foundation is to even your skin tone, not to make you look tan. The goal is to match the most prevalent color on your face. The easiest way to get a good match is to apple a small amount on your neck, close to the jawbone. Smooth and blend. If you see the makeup, then it is too dark. This is easy to do in a department store but impossible if you are buying at a drug or discount store. If this is the case, buy 2 or 3 choices in the shades you think are close. When you get home see which one matches and return the others. Check with the store first to be sure they will accept open returns for cosmetics. Most drug stores have a liberal return policy, just be sure you have the receipt.

I have been experimenting with foundations made from "natural" ingredients. The liquid mineral foundation by Shaklee is one of my favorites for several reasons:
.no harmful ingredients
.not tested on animals
.good coverage
.easy to apply
.beautiful shades
.spf 15


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The $64,000.00 question?

I have been getting emails with the same question lately, "What is the one thing I can do to have a better appearance?"
Some people want a total revamp on their appearance while others just want to take incremental steps in that direction.
Unfortunately, the answer is different for each individual. Think about it, for one person it might be getting a more flattering or current hairstyle, and for others it may be a clothing or makeup issue. Getting a more current pair of glasses might be the answer, working on your posture or body language could al be possibilities. There are two questions you need to ask yourself:

1. "How do I want to be perceived?" Current, professional. artistic, approachable, specific.
2."What is driving my look?" ie, comfort, style, credibility...
When you honestly answer these questions you will begin to understand why and how you have created the image you now have. Does your image reflect who you are on the inside?
Remember: you are telling your story through your appearance. This is why intentional dressing is so important particularly in the workplace.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Now that it's 2008, it's a great time to think about TRANSFORMATION. At the beginning of each new year I feel as though I am turning a giant page in the story of my life.
Intentions and resolutions are circling my mind as I contemplate my dreams for the next twelve months. My New Years wish for you is that you LOVE WHO YOU SEE IN THE MIRROR.
My mission in life is to help you with that. If you need some new techniques on illusion dressing get the my DVD, "Look Ten Years Younger and Ten Pounds Thinner", or if you want to become more memorable and powerful don't miss my ebook, "The Credibility Factor". I created these resources for any woman who does not have access to a stylist. If you want to schedule a consult with me just email me and I will call you.
Also, I am available by Skype for those of you who do not live outside the DC area or overseas. Skype is a free way to video phone someone on your computer. You can see me and I can see you. This is a great way to get a 2nd opinion on that dress you just bought to wear to that wedding, reunion or special occasion.
Send your questions on image, makeup or fashion at
Best wishes for the New Year!