Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tips for updating your look on a budget

Here are a few ways to update and enhance your look without breaking the bank:

Ruffled blouses-white or in colors-they will add some whimsy to your look.

Belted anything- sweaters, coats, jackets, blouses – Skinny belts, fabric belts and wide belts, add a touch of “now” to your wardrobe.

*Embellished tops and bejeweled shoes- Buy them on sale or save even more money by making your own… pick up flat backed jewels at fabric or craft store and glue on with fabric glue.

*Multiple necklaces- Want the runway look of long chains draped around your neck? Mix them up or wear multiples of the same necklace. Check out the discount accessory stores.

*Lashes: curl them if they are straight-apply 2 coats of mascara. If your lashes are really short or thin consider playing with individual lashes or strip lashes. Use Duo adhesive and realize that there is a learning curve to learning how to apply the lashes. Look, It is not brain surgery, with practice you can do this!

*Lip stains and long-wear lipstick: No need to buy $30.00 Department store brands. Check out Cover Girl OUTLAST lip color at the drug or discount stores.


John Aberle said...


On your interview by Suzanne Falter-Barns, February 4, 2009, you commented that you don't have much for me. The tips you did give were excellent. Like others of your readers and clients, I did not understand how to dress properly either. I had to read Dress for Success by John T. Molloy. As that material is really dated, I would like to see some suggestions for men in your blogs. What I read of this article, it was all tips for women.

John Aberle said...

I apologize. I said that you didn't have much for me when I thought I said, and I meant, "men."